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Family Dentist in Charlotte, NC - Peace Haven Smiles
Family Dentist in Charlotte, NC - Peace Haven Smiles

Dental Services In Charlotte, NC

At Peace Haven Smiles in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, we delight in providing optimum dental care to our patients. We help them achieve the smile they deserve, ensuring that their oral and overall health is adequately catered for.

Our dental services in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville are tailored to your special needs. Whether you’re seeking a white smile, straighter teeth, healthier gums, or preventative and restorative treatments, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive dental services and procedures include:

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Scheduling regular dental examinations, teeth cleaning, and taking daily care of your oral health are the keys to preventing gum disease and tooth decay. We provide routine dental cleaning and oral examination to help keep your teeth in good health while detecting and preventing the early onset of gum disease, tooth pain, and decay.
Oral cancer screening in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Keeping your oral and overall health in good shape is at the core of dental services at Peach Haven Smiles. We offer oral cancer screenings with quality X-ray tools to help detect signs of mouth cancer.

Early detection of oral cancer can help us in providing quick and quality treatment before it becomes severe. Schedule an oral cancer screening with our top dentist in Charlotte today.

Fluoride treatment in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Give your kids a healthy oral boost with our fluoride treatment. For kids and adults alike, our fluoride treatment in Charlotte helps strengthen the tooth enamel and provides healthy gums. It helps get rid of cavities formation and provides the growth of healthy oral bacteria.
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A clean, beautiful smile induces confidence in your personal and professional loves, as well as helping you make a great first impression. Enhance your smile safely and effectively with teeth whitening in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments are quick, safe, effective, and customized to meet your specific lifestyle needs. Come in for in-office whitening treatments or get our at-home whitening trays.
Dental fillings in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Tooth decay and cavities often cause holes in the teeth that cause pain and sensitivity. With amalgam fillings, you can cover up holes in your teeth to get relief from pains and sensitivity.
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If you have one or more missing teeth, crowns and dental bridges are essential tooth replacement options. Crowns are often used with dental implants to restore damaged or missing teeth.

Dental bridges also replace missing teeth and can help restore chewing function, while improving your oral health and enhancing your appearance.
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At Peace Haven Smiles, we provide dental implant restoration to help patients restore the beauty of their smile. Our dental implant restoration is a form of teeth replacement that involves the use of an implant, abutment, and artificial tooth, such as dental crowns.

The dental implant is inserted into the jawbone (where there are missing teeth) to serve as the root of the restoration.
Root canal therapy in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Our root canal treatment in Charlotte is effective for individuals with infections in the nerves of their teeth. The root canal is an endodontic therapy that treats infections in the tooth pulp and inner part of your tooth.
Tooth extraction in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


If you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, or tooth that cannot be saved, our Charlotte dentist may recommend the tooth be extracted. Tooth extraction is necessary to prevent the spread of decay, and diseases of the gum, and also help relieve toothache as a result of decay. 

Speak with our dentist if you’re experiencing a severe cavity or decaying tooth.
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Complete dentures are full-coverage removable oral prosthetic devices. They are used when a patient is missing all the teeth in an arch.

Complete dentures improve the oral function of the teeth while aiding speech and the facial appearance of a patient. They are often used by aging patients. Contact us for more details about complete dentures.
Partial dentures in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Partial dentures operate similarly to complete dentures, except that partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain in the teeth arch.
Dental sealants in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Dental sealants are effective oral procedures to help prevent tooth decay and the formation of cavities in your child’s teeth. Dental sealants are thin coatings that are laid on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.

They are regarded as a protective shield that blocks out germs and food particles. Sealants can last for many years, hence, protecting your child’s teeth from decay.
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For patients with cases of bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth), our dentist will recommend using a night guard while sleeping. A night guard is a type of mouth guard used for patients with bruxism.

Excessive clenching and grinding of teeth can cause sleep disruption and excessive damage to the teeth. A night guard can help inhibit bruxism. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to see if you are experiencing bruxism and get a night guard.
Custom sports mouthguard in Charlotte near Concord and Huntersville, NC


Dental accidents can happen while you or your kids are engaged in their favorite sports, leading to mouth injury, broken tooth, or an extracted tooth.

However, you can protect your dentition with our sports mouthguards. They help protect the teeth from dental accidents that may occur during extracurricular and bodily activities.
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